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Black tea

The beverage is the most popular drink in the West and has become famous throughout the world due to its rich flavor. The hit drink was formally cultivated in China.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea comes from the edible flowers of the matricaria chamomilla plant, otherwise known as chamomile.

Green Tea

Unlike white tea, green tea is unoxidized, which helps keep their important color. In China, green tea leaves are roasted or pan-fired to bring out more unique flavors in the tea.

Morocco: Mint tea, the heart of the culture

It is almost impossible to spend 24 hours in a Moroccan city and to not be served hot tea. Touareg tea, or Moroccan mint tea is literally the heart of their culture.

Moroccan Mint Tea

Touareg tea or Moroccan mint tea is a major part of North African culture. A heavily sweetened mixture of green tea and mint leaves it is served in small glasses.


Po cha, the traditional tea of Tibet, is made by boiling a brick of Pemagul black tea for hours. From there, milk, salt, and yak butter are added, and the mixture is then churned together.

Top tea-making tips

Use fresh and cool water

Use fresh, cool, oxygenated water. Never use tepid, long-standing, pre-heated or hot tap water.

Choose your favorite mug, cup or teapot

Once you've decided on the tea that matches your mood you now need to choose the perfect cup to drink it out of. We personally believe that the teacup is one of the most vital ingredients to a perfect cup of tea.


Where you store tea is important because it absorbs moisture and kitchen smells, which can affect the flavour.

Chiya Hiraoka, a professional tea maker